Engineering Alliance Startup(始動)…

Hello everyone,

I’m Naruki, I’m the Enginnering Alliance Founder.

I’m very happy to announce the Engineering Alliance.

The Engineering Alliance was started by me (Naruki) on a whim in late July.

Please think of us as a group of freelance engineers, not for any particular noble purpose.

As the first step to launch the Engineering Alliance, I am thinking of producing IR (Impulse Response) of Mr. Kamata’s finest custom guitar cabinet and handing it out to everyone.

In the future, we would like to provide some content between engineers on a regular basis, so please continue to support us.

Representative: Naruki

In Japanese:

皆さんこんにちは。Engineering Alliance の発起人にして、創設者の Naruki です。

この度は Engineering Alliance の発表をすることができてとても光栄です。

Engineering Alliance は私 (Naruki) が7月後半にパッと思いつきで始めました。


Engineering Alliance 始動の第一弾として、エンジニア鎌田さんが所有している極上のカスタムギターキャビネットの IR (Impulse Response) を制作して皆さんにお配りしようかな、と考えております。


代表: Naruki